Am Elite Force II - Projekt sind folgende Leute beteiligt:
Project Lead
Jon Galloway Producer / Creative Director
Chris Stockman Game Designer

Steven Peeler Technical Director
Shawn Ketcherside AI Programming
Scott Inglis Game Programming

Kenny Thompson Technical Art Director
Rungy Singhal Lead Animator/Modeler
Jose Hernandez Animator/Modeler
Juan Martinez Animator/Modeler
Kendall Tucker Animator/Modeler
Brian Jones Character Artist
Patrick Jones 2D Texture Artist
Benjamin Lippert Artist
Paul Richards Concept Artist

Level Design
Benson Russell Lead Level Designer
Jerry Keehan Level Designer
Adam Bellefeuil Level Designer
Luke Whiteside Level Designer
Richard Heath Level Designer

Zak Belica Studio Sound Designer
Danny Pelfrey Composer

Ritual Management
Steve Nix CEO
Tom Mustaine Studio Game Designer
Richard 'Levelord' Gray Studio Lead Level Designer
Robert Atkins Studio Creative Director
Jay Halderman Studio Project Manager


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